02.Winters Come (Ft. Urban Thick & Aida)
03.Incar Scars (Ft. Splash) (R.I.P. Splash)
04.Nah Nah Nah
05.Judgement Day
06.On The Way
07.The New Print
08.Snotty Noise Kidz
10.Summer Of 96
11.Winter Soldiers (Ft. Big Twins, SmooVth, Kutt Calhoun & Hus Kingpin)
12.The Williams Brothers (Ft. Reek Da Villain)
13.Mood (Ft. Future Allah & J-Hood)
14.My City
15.The Difference
16.The Message From The King
17.Good Spirit
18.Season 2 Finale (Ft. Prince Omar)
19.Speech From The King (Outro)