1.Life Lessons (feat. Stresmatic)
2.Straight Like That (feat. Ocky)
3.Boy (feat. P-LO)
4.Guilty By Association
5.Carpal Tunnel
6.Stompdown (Skit 1)
7.Meet the Dealers (feat. Stresmatic)
8.Get It On My Own (feat. Ocky)
9.Up Against It
10.Fsho (feat. JT the 4th)
11.Whooped (feat. DecadeZ)
12.Tap In (feat. Uncle Murda)
13.You Ah Lie (feat. 4rAx)
14.Need To Know (feat. Rexx Life Raj)
15.Stompdown (Skit 2)
17.Barbershop (feat. Stresmatic)
18.Blame It (feat. The Click)
19.So High (feat. Prohoezak)