1.Daughter (Hailey-Nirvana)
2.God / Guard Up
3.Deep End (Off The)
4.905 9to5
5.Suburbia (Heaven Or)
6.Matthew In The Middle (Ft. Daniel Caesar)
8.Kill My Mind
9.81 (Prequel)
11.Favourite Rapper / Hundred Million Religion
12.Blk Pnk Mf'er / Me & My Bitch
13.Sins Of The Father (100 Bitches)
14.Black Sheep Nirvana
15.Xylo's Lullaby / Sweet Girls Always Fall For The Monsters
16.I Made It / Debt & Vendettas / Summer Now
17.Hey Pretty Girl With The Dirty Mouth II
18.Salt Lake City
19.Redway's Song (Ft. Redway)
20.The Drowning Man